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Core Facilities

Core Facilities are shared resources that provide access to instruments, technologies and services to researchers across the Institute of Biology. They are staffed by scientists with vast experience in their field, ensuring that all researchers can count not only on the latest available technology but expert advice and support in the design of experiments or interpretation of results. Training courses are also available for certain applications and instruments. These facilities generally cover their running costs in the form of user fees that are charged to an investigator's grant or contract. They may also be available on a fee-for-service basis to researchers of other universities or the broader community when the capacity permits.

The IBL has the following Core Facilities:

Bioinformatics and Genomics 

The Bioinformatics and Genomics Core provides bioinformatics advice and genotyping services. The researchers that lead and work for this facilities are experts in their fields and are available for consultation regarding experimental design and interpretation of results.

Metabolomics Facility

The Metabolomics Facility of the University of Leiden has brought together two research groups from the Faculty of Science that are well-known for their expertise in two different fields: the Biomedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden, experts in clinical metabolomics and the Natural Products Laboratory, one of the pioneers in plant and herbal medicine metabolomic research. read more

Microscopy Unit 

The Microscopy Unit houses, maintains and coordinates most of the microscopy equipment of the IBL. The available equipment ranges from conventional light and fluorescence microscopes, to confocal laser scanning and electron microscopes. In addition, infrastructure is available for histology, including embedding, sectioning and staining. read more

Natural Products Lab

The Natural Products Lab (NPL) is a shared facility for research and development of natural products. read more



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