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Programme Committee Biology

The Programme Committee Biology (Opleidingscommissie Biologie, OCB) consists of four teaching staff members and four students, and is assisted by the study adviser. The OCB has an independent position within the Biology education program. Because of its composition, the OCB is the most important organ where students can bring up problems concerning courses or tuition programs and can contribute to further improve biology education.

The OCB meets approximately once a month. An important part of its work consists of evaluating the biology education programs and guard their quality. This is done by analyzing students and instructors assessments of courses of the Biology BSc, Minors and MSc programs. In addition, the OCB advises the Director of Education about tuition and exam regulations and other matters concerning education.

Recently, the course evaluation procedure was adapted to provide better feedback to the students. Students and staff now have the possibility to view the summarized student evaluations and the reflections of the course instructors on Brightspace, after enrolling in course module “Cursus Evaluaties”.

Current members


  • Crista Goudsmit (student-assistent)
  • Olaf van Raalte (assessor education LBC)
  • Rick van Duijn
  • Sander van Zon

Staff members:

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