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Animal Sciences

We perform multidisciplinary research at molecular, cellular, and organismal levels of animal biology to increase fundamental understanding of health and disease.

The Animal Sciences cluster fosters collaboration between researchers with expertise in molecular cell biology, immunology, physiology, behavioural biology, and evo-devo research. As detailed under the links on this page, Animal Sciences participates in all of the institute wide-research themes: Bioactive Molecules, Development & Disease, Evolution & Biodiversity, and Host-Microbe Interactions. In brief, Animal Sciences contributes in the following ways:

Bioactive Molecules

Study bioactive compounds to identify drug candidates and to elucidate biological mechanisms associated with immune-related diseases, including infections, inflammation, metabolic disorders and cancer.

Development & Disease

Elucidate how genetic changes in developmental mechanisms drive the evolution of new functions and phenotypes and how genetic and environmental factors determine disease processes.

Evolution & Biodiversity

Gain insight into genome evolution and the proximate and ultimate factors underlying animal behaviour and cognition, and the consequences of anthropogenic changes in the environment on physiology and behaviour.

Host-Microbe Interactions

Increase understanding of interactions between animal hosts and pathogenic microbes or beneficial bacterial species in the genome.

Coordinator: Prof. dr. A.H. Meijer (Annemarie)

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