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The Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) is an internationally oriented institute for research and education in biology.

Our aim is to perform top quality innovative fundamental and strategic research that will lead to scientific progress, contribute to solutions for societal challenges, and generate industrial opportunities, reflected in our general theme ‘Healthy Lives in a Changing World’. The Institute is organised in three multidisciplinary clusters: 

Animal Sciences & Health

The Animal Sciences & Health cluster fosters collaboration between researchers with expertise in molecular cell biology, immunology, physiology, behavioural biology, and evo-devo research. Under three primary research themes, Mechanisms of Disease, Behaviour and Cognition, and Development and Evolution, we aim to: (1) increase understanding of the biological mechanisms that are involved in maintenance of health and associated with diseases in which developmental processes, metabolism, and the immune system play a major role; (2) gain insight into the proximate and ultimate factors underlying animal behaviour and cognition, and the consequences of anthropogenic changes in environment on physiology and behaviour; and (3) elucidate how genetic changes in developmental mechanisms drive the evolution of new functions and phenotypes.
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Plant Sciences & Natural Products

The mission of the Plant Science and Natural Products cluster is to contribute the sustainable production of high quality crops, flowers and high-value bio-based products. This is realised by generating fundamental knowledge of basic biological processes related to development of plants and their interaction with the environment. 
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Microbial Biotechnology & Health

This cluster does state-of-the-art research in the field of biotechnology and microbial sciences. We focus on the control of microbial growth, cell division, and the production of anti-microbials. Our work provides (1) scientific insights crucial for the discovery and development of new drugs for animals and humans, as well as (2) applied solutions for a wide range of industrial and environmental problems.
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