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Afshin Ellian and Bastiaan Rijpkema publish new volume on Militant Democracy with Springer

How can party bans be justified? Which parties were banned in post-war Europe – and why? Do militant democracy instruments work? Is an international militant democracy concept in the making?

These and other questions are the focus of Militant Democracy: Political Science, Law and Philosophy published by Springer in the Philopsophy and Politics – Critical Explorations series. This volume, edited by Afshin Ellian and Bastiaan Rijpkema of the Department of Jurisprudence, brings together an international group of researchers with a track record in militant democracy research. It is the newest and most up to date volume on the very current topic of democratic self-defence – and the first thoroughly multidisciplinary collection, with contributions by political scientists, lawyers and legal philosophers.

More information is available on the Springer website. A preview of the book is available in Google Books.

With contributions by, among others:

  • Ivan Ermakoff – Professor of Sociology, University of Winsconsin-Madison, V.S; Directeur d’études de l’EHESS, France
  • Christian Walter – Professor of Public International Law and Public Law, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
  • Angela Bourne – Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark
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