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Encyclopedie en filosofie van het recht (LL.M.)

Encyclopedie en Filosofie van het Recht is a specialisation of the master’s programme Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law) at the renowned Leiden Law School of Leiden University. This unique programme considers the philosophical issues and concepts upon which law is founded, in the broadest sense.

Are you a legal scholar with an interest in philosophy, then this specialisation is an excellent addition  and advancement of the study of positive law (i.e. applicable law that is expressed in acts,  treaties and jurisprudence). Law, after all, is a structured principle of society and correspondingly an expression of the prevailing principles.  This means that it is one of the most tangible forms in which philosophical ideas about justice and power are reflected.  Conversely, these philosophical theories and perceptions are also nurtured and formed by law.

This specialisation is only offered in Dutch.

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