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The IBL at Science Center NEMO

Professor Annemarie Meijer and several students explained to more than 8000 visitors the zebrafish as a model for research during the National Weekend of Science (3-4 Oct) at Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam.

The zebrafish is an important model system in developmental genetics and biology. The zebrafish, with its optically transparent embryos and suitability for genetic research, is used as the major test organism and compared with the human system. The IBL uses the zebrafish as a model organism for human disease research to open up new avenues for disease screening and drug development.

The visitors of NEMO were very enthusiastic about the presence of the IBL. Kids, as well as students and curious grown-ups were able to look at zebrafish embryos and larvae through a scanning electron microscope, stereomicroscopes and a fluorescence microscope.

Museum Night

After the success of the Weekend of Science, the IBL will also be present at NEMO during the Museum Night on the 7th of November. During this evening, visitors can find out more about the zebrafish model and the use of fluorescence analysis.


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