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Automated test grading

The examination service delivers efficient and accurate processing of written tests and digital exams in platforms such as ANS and Remindo. Additionally, we offer guidance in interpreting statistical analyses of exam outcomes.

Our primary objective is to streamline the exam review process, allowing instructors to focus on delivering high-quality education.

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Efficient exam review

When making use of our ‘scratch cards,’ we can automate part of the exam review process for you. You can utilise these for exams which consist entirely or partially of multiple choice questions.

If the exam also has open answer questions, the instructor assigns points for the open questions. We can then combine both types of results into an overall overview including various statistics per question and final grades.

If interested, please contact us at tentamen@llinc.leidenuniv.nl. We can further explain the entire process and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Receiving and returning answer sheets

We can transport answer forms to the desired location, or you can pick them up at our Leiden office by appointment. A personal handover is essential for returning completed response forms to ensure the security of sensitive information and minimise the risk of loss. The handing in of completed forms should always be done by appointment.

The results

After submitting the answer forms, you will receive an Excel file with detailed results within 5 business days. This includes scores per question, raw scores and (when desired) grades per student and general statistics related to the entire test (average score and reliability).

Exam sheet per sheet €0,13
Fixed costs for use of equipment €0,26
Processing per completed form €0,64

Financial processing of this service is done through the administration of your faculty or department.

Assistance in interpreting statistical analyses in digital examination systems

Digital testing systems such as ANS and Remindo can automatically generate a statistical analysis of an exam. Think of the p-values, the rir values, the guess score, and the alpha. Interpreting these type of statistics can be a challenge. We can help you with that.

Would you, for example, like to know what a low rir value says about a particular question and/or what the possible consequences of removing a question from your exam might be? Would you like to know something about the guess score? Please feel welcome to get in touch with any questions you may have regarding the analysis of your digital exam. Making an appointment to review your exam (in person or remotely via Microsoft Teams) is also possible. If necessary, we can look into the relevant testing program with you remotely. 

Please contact us at tentamen@llinc.leidenuniv.nl. Depending on where exactly your needs lie, one of LLInC's advisors will contact you.

Other questions about testing?

Composing effective exam questions and creating a reliable test is a challenge. LLInC can advise you, amongst others, in the areas of testing methods, preparation of answer models (for open questions), the review methodology, and variations in answer alternatives (for multiple choice questions). Visit our Consultancy and Innovation page to explore consultancy opportunities concerning this and other didactical topics.

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