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Course Evaluation

Enhancing education through course evaluations at Leiden University.

Our course evaluation service is committed to support faculties at Leiden University in enhancing their educational approaches. We specialize in creating and processing course evaluations, collecting vital feedback from your students. Using the Evasys software, our team thoughtfully crafts surveys and provides insightful reports. These reports give faculties, institutes, and individual lecturers practical data to improve and refine their education.  

Requesting a course evaluation

The evaluation process is coordinated through designated contact persons within each faculty. In general, the process looks as follows: 

  1. To initiate a course evaluation, please contact the evaluation coordinator of your faculty (for example OSC or OSZ).
  2. We'll collaborate with you to create an evaluation form. Typically, this is based on a standard template with optional additional content tailored to specific agreements made with your department. 
  3. We can either prepare and deliver paper forms for on-site completion or set up an online survey for students to fill out. Both are typically distributed at the end of the course, for example after the final exam. 
  4. After gathering and processing the responses, we provide a standard PDF report detailing the results. For a more detailed analysis, we also offer extended reporting services tailored to your specific needs.
  5. Payment for this process is handled based on these prices


We collaborate closely with both faculties and the central information departments to ensure a smooth, well-integrated process within Leiden University's distinctive academic setting. The consistency of our approach towards evaluations facilitates the drawing of meaningful comparisons across departments and faculties, spurring otherwise likely unencountered insights. Administration and Central Services is, for instance, able to integrate information from course evaluations into the annual updates of the Education Dashboard. In this way amongst others, we at LLInC contribute to the continuous improvement and strategic development of teaching practices at Leiden University.

Other evaluation needs

For more specialised evaluations, such as comprehensive university-wide program assessments or customised evaluations, please contact Kirsten Ran at k.ran@llinc.leidenuniv.nl. Should she be unavailable, our team at evaluatieservice@llinc.leidenuniv.nl is ready to assist.

Evaluation forms - paper

Creation of a standard survey €17
Creation of a complex (custom) survey €32
Printing costs per sheet €0,13
Processing (equipment/maintenance) per sheet €0,36

Evaluation forms - digital

Creation of a standard survey €22
Creation of a complex (custom) survey €37
Processing (equipment/maintenance) per sheet €0,34


Standard report (pdf, csv or sav)   €2
Detailed report or additional breakdowns: per (sub)report €5
Administration / communication €10

* For the creation of entirely new or one-off questionnaires, an hourly rate will be charged.

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