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Initial Teacher Education

Teacher Education Programmes

ICLON provides several programmes for second and first degree teaching qualifications.

With a second degree teaching qualification ('beperkte tweedegraads onderwijsbevoegdheid') you can teach the lower grades of secondary education. With a first degree teaching qualification ('eerstegraads onderwijsbevoegdheid') you can teach both lower and higher grades of secondary education.

Our teaching programmes do not only attract recent graduates, but also those who are looking for a career in teaching following years of experience in another field.

ICLON offers two tracks to obtain your second degree teaching qualification:

  • Educatieve minor: most faculties of Leiden University offer the possibility to opt for the educational minor (30 EC) within the third year of bachelor programmes that cover a school subject. Students who have successfully completed this minor and their bachelor are qualified to teach in lower secondary education.
  • Educatieve module: if you have already obtained your bachelor's degree covering a school subject, you can follow the Educatieve module (30 EC).

ICLON offers several tracks to obtain your first degree teaching qualification:

  • Tweejarige Educatieve master: if you have obtained your bachelor's degree, you can enroll for a two-year educational master programme for Dutch, English, French, German and Religious Studies (120 EC). This master combines our teacher training programme with a subject-specific master.
  • Education specialisation: at the Faculty of Science it is possible to follow the teacher training programme (60 EC) within the second year of your two-year master's programme.
  • Master Leraar VHOafter your bachelor concerning a school subject and master's degree you can enroll in a one-year master teacher training programme (60 EC). 
  • Zij-instroomtraject: if you already have a job as a teacher in secondary education, it is possible to enroll for the Zij-instroomtraject. You can do this track after your bachelor concerning a school subject and master's degree. 
  • Trainees in Onderwijs: in this traineeship you combine a job as a teacher with the teacher training programme at ICLON. You can do this programme after your bachelor concerning a school subject and master's degree. 

The World Teachers Programme (WTP) is a bilingual profile of the Initial Teacher Education programme geared towards bilingual and international education. The WTP will provide you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in order to help your pupils not only to learn the content of your subject but also to develop their proficiency in English (or another language) and to grow as world citizens.

As a WTP student:

  • You will learn about content and language integrated learning (CLIL), intercultural competence, multicultural education and features of international and bilingual education.
  • You will have a teaching practice (internship) at a bilingual or international school in the Netherlands. There, you will do much of your subject teaching in English (with the exception of some teachers of French, German, Spanish and Mandarin).
  • In semester 2, you will have the opportunity to gain additional experience during an internship abroad.

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Since all programmes are taught in Dutch and students receive a teaching qualification which allows you to teach at a Dutch school, one of the entry requirements for all programmes is a good command of Dutch. 

If you have not achieved a Secondary Education qualification in the Netherlands, you have to prove your proficiency in Dutch (reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar) through an advanced Dutch language exam, the Toelatingsexamen Universiteit Leiden – gevorderd (TUL-gevorderd).

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