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Initial Teacher Education

Together with a number of Faculties within Leiden University, ICLON provides various programmes leading to a teaching qualification for the following school subjects: 

  • Dutch, English, French, German, the Classics (Greek and Latin), Spanish and Chinese;
  • biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics;
  • history, art history, social studies, religious studies and philosophy;
  • economics and business economics.

Please note: The Master and Minor programmes are taught in Dutch. Therefore, detailed information about the programmes is only available in Dutch. In addition, one of the entry requirements for all programmes is a good command of Dutch. If you have not achieved a Secondary Education qualification in the Netherlands, you have to prove your proficiency in Dutch (writing and speaking) through an advanced Dutch language exam (see ‘Nederlandse taal’).

Teaching Master 

In order to acquire a teaching qualification for upper secondary education students need to enroll in a one year master teacher training programme. The entry requirement for the programme is a master degree in arts or science in a school subject.  
The Teaching Master does not only attract recent graduates but also those who are looking for a career in teaching following years of experience in another field. Their previously acquired knowledge is of great value for schools.  

World Teachers Programme

For teaching in bilingual and international schools a plus programme has been developed in close cooperation with one of the partner schools: the World Teachers Programme

Minor programme  

The faculties of Leiden University offer the possibility to opt for an educational minor within the various bachelor programmes. Students who have successfully completed this minor and their bachelor are qualified to teach in lower secondary education. These minor programmes are provided by ICLON.

Teacher training and schools  

Fifty percent of the teacher training takes place within schools of secondary education. ICLON has established a close working relationship with a large number of schools where school-based teacher trainers (trained by ICLON) play an important role in training students. The partner schools have also been instrumental in developing the Teaching Master.

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