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Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS)


LIAS has a School of Asian Studies (SAS), a School of Middle-Eastern Studies (SMES) and a School of Religious Studies (LUCSoR). These designations, and the fields within them, remain foundational to our work. At the same time, the academic community benefits from the presence of cross-regional networks that are defined along thematic and disciplinary lines.

  • Ancient Worlds network
    The Ancient Worlds Network brings together staff and graduate students in LIAS-LUCSoR working on the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world.
  • Dialogic Network
    Dialogue among cultures and disciplines: past, present and future
  • Early Modernity Matters
    This research network aims to promote cross-regional collaboration in the field of cultural history in early modern Asia at the intersections of visual, material, textual and aural culture.
  • Language Learning Resource Centre
    Leiden University has a strong tradition in language teaching, in various settings: for instance in the BA and MA language and culture programmes, area studies programmes, international studies, minors and electives. Currently, 20 different languages are taught throughout different institutes and programmes.
  • Leiden Political Economy (LPEG) network
    The Leiden Political Economy Group (L-PEG) is a network of scholars of political economy, development, economic history, economics, and international political economy across various Leiden University programs and institutes and beyond.
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