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Events calendar

LIAS PhD program activities include thematic coursework (the PhD Seminars), generic skills training, library training, research presentations, social events, and so on. They are open to all LIAS PhD candidates, regardless of the stage to which their project has progressed.

The skills training and library training sessions do not aspire to full coverage of the topics in question, but offer pointers and perspectives that will help PhD candidates further explore them in the context of their own project. 
The list below will be updated as event details are confirmed. Unless otherwise indicated, events are moderated by the Director of Doctoral Studies. Detailed announcements for each events are circulated to all PhD candidates on email, normally one week ahead of time.

Academic year 2022-2023

Block 3, six sessions

PhD Seminar: “Against Caste and Race: Identity and Resistance in a Global Context 
Sanjukta Poddar

7 February, 15.30h

Skills trainingDoing a literature review

28 February, 15.30h

Skills trainingAcademic writing

7 March, 15.30h

Research presentations by two PhD candidates

21 March, 15.30h

Skills trainingCourse design

Block 4, six sessions

PhD Seminar: “Themes in Global Political Economy
Convener: Crystal Ennis

4 April, 15.30h

Skills training: Grant applications

18 April, 15.30h

Skills training: Academic job applications

25 April, 15.30h

Research presentations by two PhD candidates

3 May, 13 to 17h

Workshop by Prof. Christopher ReaWhere Research Begins
In person, on campus

16 May, 15.30h  Workshop on research ethics and scientific integrity                             







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