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Leiden Political Economy Group (L-PEG)

The Leiden Political Economy Group (L-PEG) is a multi-disciplinary network of scholars with a research interest in (comparative / global) political economy based at Leiden University. Our members belong to various institutes and faculties across Leiden University, and from other universities across the Netherlands.

Launched in 2015, L-PEG offers a platform for research development and knowledge dissemination in political economy. As a network, we coordinate activities to build knowledge in political economy, generate new research ideas, collaborate and strengthen research and teaching in political economy, and support junior scholars.

Crystal Ennis

L-PEG Annual Lecture in Global Political Economy

LPEG welcomes an international scholar in global political economy to deliver a public lecture to our community each year. Sign up to our mailing list, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t miss this event.

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The L-PEG Research Seminar Series is a regular meeting for scholars at Leiden and beyond to share current research in (global/comparative) political economy and critically engage with the political economy community. This seminar is held three to four times per semester. It is an excellent forum for sharing research at various stages of the writing and publication process, and gaining critical feedback on that piece of writing. Previous presenters have gone on to publish their work in New Political Economy, British Journal of Political Science, and Chinese Political Science Review, among others. 


Do you have a paper or chapter you would like to share with us? We have an open call toward the end of each term for submissions. Contributions from across disciplines and periods that explore themes relevant to (global) political economy are welcome. Send your expressions of interest to l-peg@hum.leidenuniv.nl with your tentative title and an abstract. Take a look at our past seminars to get an idea of the breadth and diversity of political economy research at Leiden!


Speakers distribute a working paper or chapter in advance of the seminar to registered participants. The speaker speaks about their research for 20 to 25 minutes, leaving ample time for workshopping the paper after the talk. Participants arrive at the seminar ready to learn about the new research, and discuss the contribution.

Fall 2020 Research Seminars

25 September 2020: The Microfoundations of Debt Crises - Matthew DiGiuseppe, Leiden University

16 October 2020: Displacement and Body Politics: Experience of Rural 'Homeless' in Peri-Urban Calcutta - Aditi Mukherjee, Leiden University

20 November 2020: Lagging Behind: Labour Precarization, Short-Term Contracts and a weak Khaneh-ye Kargar for Iranian Workers - M. Stella Morgana, Leiden University

Spring 2020 Research Seminars

13 March 2020: Financialization: A Pluridisciplinary Perspective - Natascha van der Zwan, Leiden University

17 April 2020: Lagging behind: Labour Precarization, Short-Term Contracts and a weak Khāneh-ye Kārgar for Iranian workers - M. Stella Morgana

8 May 2020: Ports, Production, and Promises: Radical Transformations and Job Creation in Oman - Crystal A. Ennis




Past Seminars

The L-PEG Research Seminar Series is a regular meeting for scholars at Leiden and beyond to share current research in (global/comparative) political economy and critically engage with the political economy community. This seminar is held three to four times per semester. Please find below the posters for past events.

Fall 2019
Fall 2018
Spring 2018
Fall 2017

L-PEG is starting a reading group this academic year, coordinated by Dr. Ruben Gonzalez Vicente. The first meeting will be on the 29th of November.

The LPEG Reading Group meets 3 times per semester to discuss cutting-edge work in the field of political economy. We welcome reading suggestions from all group members, hoping to cover publications that are diverse in their geographical and temporary focus, as well as in terms of perspective. We seek to explore together books and articles that open new debates, provide original perspectives on old ones, or present relevant and exciting empirical evidence, approaches and methodologies to address issues of historical and contemporary relevance. 

 First meeting:  The LPEG reading group will meet on November 29th at 13:00 (Huizinga 004) to discuss two recent publications by Hannes Lacher. In these new articles, Lacher challenges the interpretation of Karl Polanyi as a promoter of ‘embedded liberalism’, as well as the possibility of meaningfully re-embedding the capitalist economy. We will contrast Lacher’s view with Block and Somers' (perhaps) more standard interpretation of Polanyi’s work. We will debate not only what Polanyi actually meant, but also what interpretation best captures the nature of political economic relations under contemporary capitalism.

  • Block, F. & Somers, M.R. (2017) ‘Karl Polanyi in an age of uncertainty’, Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews 46(4):379-392.
  • Lacher, H. (2019) ‘Karl Polanyi, the “always-embedded market economy”, and the re-writing of The Great Transformation’, Theory and Society (online first).
  • Lacher, H. (2020) ‘Multilinear trajectories: Polanyi, The Great Transformation, and the American exception’, in R. Desai & K. Polanyi Levitt (eds.) Karl Polanyi and 21st Century Capitalism. 

L-PEG PhD Network

The L-PEG PhD Network kicked off in early February 2020. Our aim is to help PhDs and research masters students grow in our respective niches of the political economy research tradition. We’ll accomplish that by giving each other the opportunity to present our work and receive detailed feedback at monthly get-togethers (location alternating between Leiden and The Hague). We may also use these sessions to address any stumbling blocks that arise or to learn new things, like going over best practices with a specific method or theory. Send us an email (l-peg@hum.leidenuniv.nl)  if you would like to join.

L-PEG organises and co-sponsors other out-of-series events as well.

May 2019: Terrorism against Multinational Corporations: Differences after the Cold War

April 2019: Women in the Gulf: Economic Empowerment and Beyond

March 2018: Bold strategy or irrational exuberance - Can China’s fiscal foundations support the Belt and Road Initiative?

Women in the Gulf

L-PEG Network Members

Dr. Crystal Ennis

Dr. Jue Wang

Dr. Christian Henderson

Dr. Saori Shibata

Dr. Razal Shidiq

Dr. Ruben Gonzalez Vicente

Dr. Jonathan London

Dr. Alexander Afonso

Emily-Ann Wolff

Dr. Matthew Digiuseppe

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Do you have a new publication, an upcoming talk nearby, or a new grant? Send us your news to include in the next L-PEG email, and/or share it on the Facebook community page. If you know of a cfp, conference, or workshop, etc on political economy, these are also good venues to share these.


L-PEG would like to thank the following institutes and programmes for their support of our activities.

Leiden Institute for Area Studies

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