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Ancient Worlds network

The Ancient Worlds Network brings together staff and graduate students in LIAS working on the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world.

Miriam Müller

The Ancient Worlds Network brings together staff and graduate students in LIAS working on the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas and disciplines, including the study of Ancient Arabia, Assyriology, Coptic Studies, Egyptology, Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, ancient Iranian Studies, Papyrology, linguistics, the study of religions, and the history of philosophy and science. The aim of the network is threefold. First, we want to stimulate scientific debate and synergy among faculty and graduate students engaged in the study of the ancient world at LIAS. To this aim we regularly organize discussion sessions on "Current Debates" in our respective fields. Second, we aim to reflect on current and future challenges to our various academic fields and to propose strategies for improving our resilience and versatility. Third, we will contribute to improving facilities for graduate training in ancient world studies at LIAS through a "Teaching Lab", designed and implemented to facilitate graduate teaching training.

Lecture Series Ancient World Lunch Talks

Ancient Worlds Lecture Series 

Spring semester 2021: every other Friday 15:00-16:00 on Zoom

This will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and latest research in an informal atmosphere with a small audience of MA and PhD students, Postdocs and Faculty of the ONOS and CAC program and all interested students and colleagues of Classics and Archaeology.

List of speakers and schedule:

March 5th, 2021: Objects in Motion: Networks of Material Culture in the Late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period – Arianna Sacco (PhD candidate in Egyptology) https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/65619241956?pwd=VHFjMi83NFdnbnRIemc2R05PNmo4QT09 

March 19th, 2021: Healers: The Oldest Female Academic Profession – Natalie May (Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow)https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/4927259848?pwd=WXJDOXdHUDJCcVZEQW8rWVNPWVVwdz09 

April 9th, 2021: Lecture canceled

April 23rd, 2021:  Ancient Mesopotamian ‘Pop Music’ – Theo Krispijn (Emeritus university lecturer in Assyriology)https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/4927259848?pwd=WXJDOXdHUDJCcVZEQW8rWVNPWVVwdz09 

April 30th, 2021: Mining or Moving through? The Wadi Hammamat Inscriptions of the Achaemenid Period – Uzume Wijnsma (PhD candidate in Assyriology)https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/4927259848?pwd=WXJDOXdHUDJCcVZEQW8rWVNPWVVwdz09 

May 7th, 2021: Visual Narrativity and Pictorial Narrations in the Egyptian New Kingdom – Frederik Rogner (NINO research fellow)https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/4927259848?pwd=WXJDOXdHUDJCcVZEQW8rWVNPWVVwdz09 

May 21st, 2021: The Figure of Joseph in Persian Narrative Verse – Gabrielle van den Berg (Professor in Cultural History of Iran and Central Asia)https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/4927259848?pwd=WXJDOXdHUDJCcVZEQW8rWVNPWVVwdz09 

May 28th, 2021: Liminality in Ancient Egypt ¬– Dániel Takács (NINO research fellow)

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