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Visiting fellows

Every semester, LUCIS invites a scholar to Leiden to provide a lecture series on a topic of their choice. With these lectures, we aim to present state-of-the-art research in Islamic studies to the Leiden academic community and beyond, and to offer students and junior researchers the opportunity to get to know scholars with an outstanding academic track record. The lectures are accompanied by five masterclasses for graduate students.

2020/2021 Maribel Fierro, Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterráneo y Oriente Próximo  Culture and Society in the Medieval Islamic west: The Process of Islamization
Fall 2019 Geert Jan van Gelder, University of Oxford

Prominent Murder Victims in Pre- and Early Islamic Times

Spring 2019 Christian Müller, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Islamic Law
Fall 2018 Wadad Kadi, University of Chicago Umayyad Epistolography
Spring 2018 Karen Bauer, Princeton University The Emotion of Qur’anic Persuasion
Fall 2017 Mercedes Volait, Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris Taking Things Seriously: Patterns of Art Consumption across the Modern Mediterranean
Spring 2017 Sarah Bowen Savant, SOAS, University of London Knowledge, Information Technology, and the Arabic Book
Fall 2016 Wen-chin Ouyang, SOAS, University of London Reading Arabic Literature in a Global Context
Spring 2016 Graham E. Fuller, former Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council at CIA Conflict, Islamist Extremism & Governance in the Middle East
Fall 2015 Camilla Adang, Tel Aviv University Ibn Hazm of Cordoba and the Zahiri School of Law and Theology
Spring 2015 Hugh Kennedy, SOAS, University of London Towards an Economic History of the Early Abbasid Caliphate (c. 700-950 CE)
Fall 2014 Angeliki Ziaka, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Ibadism and the Sultanate of Oman
Spring 2014 Ulrike Freitag, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin Approaching a Walled City: Perspectives in the Urban History of Jeddah
Spring 2013 Sabine Schmidtke, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton The Doctrinal History of Imāmī Shiism: Four Case Studies
Fall 2012 Muhammad Khalid Masud Fiqh as Social Construction
Spring 2012 Jørgen S. Nielsen, University of Copenhagen Islam in Europe: A Challenge to Islam and Europe
Spring 2011 Marina Rustow, Johns Hopkins University Politics, the Archive, and Power from Below in the Medieval Middle East
Fall 2010 Robert Gleave, University of Exeter  Hermeneutics, Power and Juristic Authority: Studies in the History of Shiʾi Muslim Law
Spring 2010 Robert Hoyland, New York University The Arab Conquests and the Making of an Islamic Empire
Spring 2009 François Déroche, École pratique des hautes études The Qurʾânic Manuscript in Umayyad Times

Short-stay visiting scholars

In addition, we invite scholars from abroad to spend a couple of days in Leiden to give a public lecture, participate in an interdisciplinary roundtable, and conduct a masterclass for a selected group of graduate students.

1-2 October 2019 Zakaria Rhani
Revolutionizing the Genealogy: Charisma, Power, and Social Change in Morocco | Political Violence and Process of Reconciliation in Morocco: the Power of Testimony and the Limits of Postcolonial Theory
6-7 June 2019

Reina Lewis

Transnational Curation Politics: Contemporary Muslim Fashions

13-15 June 2017 Eva Troelenberg
Mshatta and the Invention of “Islamic Art” as a Modern Concept | Alternative Archaeologies, Multiple Agencies, Hidden Narratives | Global Flows, Local Agencies, Significant Pasts: Perspectives in Museum History and contemporary Art
9-11 November 2016

Jürgen Paul
Local and imperial rule in Fars in the 9th and 10th centuries | Khidma | the assumed dichotomy between the nomadic and sedentary worlds

28-30 September 2016 Salim Tamari
Autobiographical Narratives in the Great War | Ottoman and colonial modernities in the transformation of the urban sphere during the Mandate period | working with diaries in research
18-20 March 2015 Nile Green
From Evangelical Empires to Global Islam: Mosques, Missions and Religious Economies | Modelling Religion for Global Historians | Agents in Religious Networks
30-31 October 2014 Jonathan Brown
The Role of Scripture in Contemporary Muslim Politics | The Challenge of Equity and Justice in the Shariah | Who Owns the Canon?


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