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Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society

Cultural activities

To reach a larger audience beyond the academy, a number of activities in the cultural realm have been programmed over the years.

13 Nov 2021 6th Middle Eastern Culture Market - Evening Edition
17 Dec - 31 Jan 2020 5th Middle Eastern Culture Market - Online
30 Nov - 1 Dec 2019 4th Middle Eastern Culture Market
15 November 2019 Persian Diasporic Poetry
29-30 April 2019 Turkish Literature Workshop and Night
24 November 2018 3rd Middle Eastern Culture Market
8 November 2017 Arabic Music Night
29 October 2017 Screening of Insyriated at Leiden International Film Festival
30 September 2017 2nd Middle Eastern Culture Market
22 June 2017 Guided tour at Open Air Museum “100 Years After De Stijl” 
6 November 2016 Special programme about “Humour in the Middle East” at the Leiden International Film Festival
5 November 2016 1st Middle Eastern Culture Market
11 October 2016 Poetry workshop | Entangling Palestinian and Dutch Poetry: Najwan Darwish and Anne Vegter
10 October 2016 Poetry reading session | Commitment and Poetry: Najwan Darwish and Mia You
1 February - 31 March 2016 Photo Exhibition: The Spiritual Highway – Religious World Making in Megacity Lagos
11 March 2015 Concert Salon Joussour: Introducing Arabic Music
1 December 2014 – 23 January 2015 Exposition “Sayyid ʿUthman of Batavia: a Life in the Service of Islam and Colonial Rule”
22 September 2014 Screening of the documentary Paradijsbestormers 
15 May 2012 Seminar | Tahrir Square Art or issues of culture and politics related to the Egyptian revolution
1 September 2011 Guided tour through exhibition Handelswaar en souvenirs: islamitische kunst uit het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
9 March - 25 May 2011 Film series: Islam in Turkish Cinema


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