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Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society

Scholarly meetings

At LUCIS we offer a varied programme of scholarly meetings (conferences, workshops) which reflect our multidisciplinary and comparative view on Islam and Muslim societies in past and present.

12-14 September International Conference: Historicizing the Shiʿi Hadith Corpus
24-25 June 2021

Travelling Islam: The Circulation of Ideas in Islamic Africa in cooperation with ASC and LUCAS

12-14 September 2019 Negotiation in Conquest: Wars, Treaties, and Recollections of the Rise of the Caliphate
22-23 November 2018 Urban Space and the Common Good
in cooperation with the NIMAR
16 November 2018 Shiʿi Piety: Theory and Materiality from Premodern to Postmodern
27-28 October 2018 Islam (Re-)Observed: Geertz Comparative Study of Morocco and Indonesia 50 years on
in cooperation with NIMAR
2-3 November 2017 Collecting the Muslim World
3 April 2017 Innovative Forms of Islamic Higher Education in Western Europe: between Scholarly and Societal Demands
30-31 March 2017 Slavery in the Black Sea Region, c. 900-1900: Forms of Unfreedom at the Intersection between Christianity and Islam
12-15 December 2016 Egypt Incorporated: Economic, Political and Cultural Developments from Late Antiquity to Islam
12-14 December 2016 Ocean of Law II: Islamic Legal Crossings in the Indian Ocean World
9-10 December 2016 The Meaning of Hair in Medieval Islam
12-15 July 2016 Thirteenth Conference of the School of Abbasid Studies
22-24 June 2016 Interfaith Love: Love, Sex and Marriage in the Islamicate World from the Middle Ages to the Present
15 June 2016 Violence, Displacement and Muslim Movements in Southeast Asia
19-20 May 2016 Amulets and Talismans in the Muslim World
11 March 2016 Jihad: between Theory and Practice
28-29 January 2016 Scholarly Personae in the History of Orientalism, 1870-1930
7-9 December 2015 Ocean of Law: Intermixed Legal Systems across the Indian Ocean world, 1550-1950
3-5 December 2015 Islam @250: Quranic Studies, Theology, Law, Mysticism and Political Thought in the First Three Centuries of Islam
18-20 June 2015 Egypt Connected: Cultural, Economic, Political and Military Interactions
7-8 May 2015 The Golden Horde in a Global Perspective: Imperial Strategies
23 April 2015 Muslim Scholars in Africa, Past and Present
8-9 January 2015 Female Islamic Authority in Comparative Perspective: Exemplars, Institutions, Practices
16 December 2014 Islam in the Hadrami Diaspora in the Eastern and Western of the Indian Ocean
9 December 2014 Qurʾan study day: Is the Qurʾan the first Arabic book? Roundtable on the emergence of the Qurʾan as a book
18 September 2014 Counselling and Mediation among Muslims in Europe
4-5 June 2014 19th and 20th Century Philological Encounters
8-9 May 2014 Un colloque maroco-néerlandais: Perspectives Postcoloniales sur le Maroc
22 April 2014 Visual Orientalism: a seminar in honour of François Pouillon

6-7 April 2014

4th workshop related to “The Shariʾa Project: A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network”
13 December 2013 Contesting Identities: Islam and Culture in Contemporary Turkey
28-29 November 2013 Hajj: Global interactions through Pilgrimage
15-16 November 2013 3rd workshop related to “The Shariʾa Project: A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network”
13-14 May 2013 Europe and Hajj in the Age of Empires: Muslim Pilgrimage prior to the Influx of Muslim Migration in the West
3 May 2013 Heritage of the Maghreb
18-19 April 2013 2nd workshop related to “The Shariʾa Project: A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network”
14 December 2012 “Turksche Boucken”
13-15 December 2012 Islam in Interwar Europe and European Cultural History
30 November 2012 State and Religion in the Republic of Turkey
10-12 September 2012 1st workshop related to “The Shariʾa Project: A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network”
16 January 2012 Prince of Physicians: Avicenna’s Legacy in the Islamic World and the West
15-16 December 2011 Beyond Hadith: Writing the Tradition of Early Islam. Conference in memory of Gautier H.A. Juynboll (1935-2010)
12-14 December 2011 Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe 
7-8 December 2011 Bioethics and Islamic Law
10 November 2011 In the Shadow of Arabic. Berber, Arabic, and South Arabian. Studies in Honour of Professor Harry Stroomer
17-18 October 2011 Islam in Europe. Past Projects, Future Priorities
7 October 2011 Collecting the Muslim World: symposium in honour of Professor Jan Just Witkam
13 September 2011 Where did it go right? Islamic education in Indonesia, symposium in honour of Professor Kees van Dijk
12 September 2011 Islam in Contemporary Aceh. Reconfigurations of Ritual, Doctrine, Community and Authority
31 mei - 1 juni 2011 Islam en moslims in Nederlandse kunst en literatuur, tweedaagse conferentie ter ere van professor J.T.P. de Bruijn
21-23 March 2011 East-West Networks in Europe and the Middle East in the Interwar Period
17-18 December 2010 Shifting Frontiers: Current Issues in the History of Early Islamic Central Asia
16 December 2010 Forms and Elements of Muslim Religiosity in Europe
15 December 2010 The Shiite and Sunnite Liaison: Religious and Literary Interactions between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires
3 December 2010 Anthropology, Sociology & Minority Studies in EI3
11-12 March 2010 Current Trends in Studies on the History and Society of the Maghrib
4-5 February 2010 The Wise Fools, Ascetism on Cross-Roads of Islam and Christianity
10-12 December 2009 Musical Traditions in the Middle East: Reminiscences of the Distant Past
26 October 2009 From Pariah to Pedestal. A Symposium on the Burgeoning of Iranian Cinema
7 April 2009 Dissent, Debate and Discussion in Medieval Islam. Seminar on the occasion of the inaugural lecture of Petra Sijpesteijn
25 March 2009 Islam and Muslims in the Modern World


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