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Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society

Videos and MOOCs

LUCIS produces various video series and MOOCs to showcase the variety of expertise available at Leiden University.

The MOOC (Massive Open Onine Course) The Cosmopolitan Medieval Arabic World focuses on the fascinating history of the Arabic Medieval World. Taught by several eminent LUCIS members, it requires no prior knowledge. It takes you on a journey through the Middle Ages starting off in eighth-century Baghdad and shows you how events of the past affected and shaped the world as we know it today.

The Passion in Profession series features researchers who are specialised in Islamic, Middle Eastern and Central Asian studies. With the series, LUCIS aims to show what inspires them in their work by highlighting an object or concept that they feel passionate about.

The Leiden | Islam interview series contains short documentary-style videos including interview flashes with leading scholars in the field of Islam and Muslim societies. With this series, LUCIS aims to show the value of unconventional insights related to Islam and Muslim societies, and to relate them to current issues in society. The videos contain flashes of an interview with the scholar, accompanied by vivid imagery to capture the scholar’s fascination for his or her research.

LUCIS works with Science ON AIR to put its researchers in the spotlight. For that purpose, several online videos of LUCIS members have been produced.

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