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Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society

Shiʿi studies

While many European universities, Leiden included, have a proud tradition of research into Islamic studies, a topical and thematic focus on Shiʿi Islam in all its dispensation remains a desideratum.

The primary objective of this programme is to address this lacuna by promoting the study of Shiʿism in all its expressions and disciplinarian approach through lectures and seminars, conferences and workshops, public debates and discussion fora, and dedicated studies. 

About the manuscript below:
Illustration of the investiture of ʿAlī by the Prophet at Ghadīr Khumm from the earliest extant illustrated manuscript of al-Birūnī’s (d. 1048) The Chronology of Ancient Nations located at the Special Collections Department of Edinburgh University Library. The manuscript was produced by calligrapher Ibn Al-Kutbi in 1307.

In 2018, this programme consisted of the following events:

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