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Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society

Annual conference

Until 2019, LUCIS organised an annual conference to highlight state-of-the-art research on a central theme within the academic study of Islam and society. Researchers from around the globe convened in Leiden to share and discuss their work.


Matters of Taste and Style: Muslim Food, Fashion, and Music in Practice

2018 Approaching Shiʿi Islam in the Academy
2017 Islamic Visualities and In/Visibilities: Reimagining Public Citizenship?
2016 Memory and Commemoration in Islamic Central Asia
2015 Islamic Law and Ethics
2014 Jihad and other Uses of Islam in World: War I: Instrumentalisation of Religion by the Ottoman Empire, its Allies, and its Enemies
2013 Common Ground: Changing Interpretations of Public Space in the Middle East among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the 19th and 20th Century
2012 What is Islamisation?
2011 Applying Sharia in the West: Fact, Fears and the Future of Islamic Family Rules in the West
2010 Sharia Incorporated: Legal Systems in the Muslim World – Recent Developments
2009 Opening conference: Islam, wetenschap en beleid (Islam, Scholarship and Policy-Making)


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