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Leiden University College The Hague offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Liberal Arts & Sciences that focus on the global challenges of today: Peace & Justice, Sustainability, Prosperity, and Diversity.

Global Challenges and Honours programme

Leiden University College The Hague offers an English-language honours undergraduate programme in Liberal Arts & Sciences in an international setting. LUC's focus on Global Challenges sets us apart from other programmes and colleges with a thematic approach to the majors.

Global Challenges are the major issues facing humanity and the planet. They cannot be solved by one nation, institution or organisation on its own. Interdisciplinary cooperation between academics, but also governments, organisations and individuals is required to understand these issues, combining and sharing the knowledge and skills to address them collectively.

Important Global Challenges like climate change, depletion of natural resources, poverty, social injustice, international crime and terrorism are our fields of expertise. LUC has adopted the extensive socia-cultural and academic domain of  Global Challenges as our unique selling point, the defining element in our  curriculum. We consider interdisciplinary exchange a vital element of learning at our university college.

Read more about the majors offered at LUC The Hague.

Programme Structure

In keeping with the Liberal Arts and Sciences ethos, our students have a high degree of freedom to construct their own programmes. Each student however organises their diverse interdisciplinary studies around a central theme or major.

The study programme at Leiden University College The Hague consists of three years of study, divided into two semesters per year. Each of the six semesters consists of two blocks. LUC The Hague courses are typically valued at 5 credits (EC) and are usually completed in one block of eight weeks. The estimated workload is 52 hours per week, including 12-14 contact hours.
More on our programme structure.

Special Programmes

At Leiden University College The Hague, we offer two additional special programmes students can follow alongside their major.

For students who have an interest in fine or performing arts, there is the option of taking courses or even a full minor (30 EC, at least 10 at 300-level) via the Academy of Performing and Creative Arts. This Leiden University Institute works closely with the Royal Conservatoire (only a five minute walk from the LUC campus) and the Royal Academy of Creative Arts (a seven minute walk from the LUC Campus).  Both the Conservatoire and the Academy students offer a minor for Leiden University students: Practicum Musicae and Practicum Artium. For both minors you have to be selected: either through an audition or a portfolio. 

For those more interested in the theoretical side or if you are not interested in doing a full minor, a range of courses is available in Music, Sonology and Fine Arts Theory (increasingly in English). The full overview of both the minors and the courses can be found here.  Like all courses from Leiden University these courses count as external courses and you have to ask permission from the Board of Examiners before you start the course. The form is available here

The Double Degree Studies are designed to allow students to pursue two degrees at the same time: a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences (with a major International Justice) and an LL.B degree. More information available here

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