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Research at LUC fits within the general frame of global challenges that is central to our teaching program, covering major societal issues including Peace & Justice, Diversity, Prosperity, and Sustainability.

LUC employs ca. 30 permanent assistant and associate professors who engage in research in their respective disciplines that span the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences, and often also across the boundaries of different fields in interdisciplinary collaborations within and outside of the College. Key research themes include international relations and conflict studies, international justice, governance and development, earth, energy, and sustainability, human diversity and belonging, and global public health. See also the research dossier about several key themes within our research program.

Selection of recent publications

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  • Futak-Campbell, B. (2018) Practising EU foreign policy: Russia and the eastern neighbours, Manchester: Manchester University Press.
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  • Klerk, J. de, & Moyer E. (2017) "A Body Like a Baby": Social Self-Care among Older People with Chronic HIV in Mombasa. Med Anthropol. 36(4) pp. 305-318.
  • Larik J.E. & Singh A. (2017), Sustainability in Oceans Governance: Small Islands, Emerging Powers, and Connecting Regions, Global Policy 8(2): 213-215.
  • Lots, F.A.E., Behrens P., Vijver M.G., Horton A.A., & Bosker T. (2017). A large-scale investigation of microplastic contamination: Abundance and characteristics of microplastics in European beach sediment. Mar. Poll. Bull. 123, 219-226
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  • Zetland, D. (2017). Desalination and the commons: tragedy or triumph?. International Journal of Water Resources Development 33.6: 890-906.
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