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Leiden University College The Hague


Research is part of the mission of Leiden University College from the standpoint of the scholarly profile of its academic staff and as a formal part of its undergraduate educational approach.

Research training is fundamental for preparing students to tackle global challenges when they depart LUC, either to graduate school or the professional sector. To this end the LUC Research Centre is dedicated to the enhancement of academic staff research activities which also support undergraduate education.

Assistance from the Research Centre primarily occurs in two formats, including i) support for collective research activities (organization of lectures, workshops, etc., mainly at the College), and ii) support for  staff-student research activities. The latter mainly occurs in the form of class excursions, organizing external speakers for a specific course, etc.

The research activities at LUC span the spectrum of academic interests associated with a classical liberal arts and science institution, and its themes are broadly clustered along its interdisciplinary majors, including the humanities, law, politics and development, public health, and environmental sciences.

Financial support from the Research Center is only available to LUC academic staff. Inquiries can be sent to Dr. Paul Hudson, co-directors of the LUC Research Center.