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Stay connected with Leiden University College by making sure your contact information is up to date. Below you can adjust your contact information and the different forms of how you can stay informed about the activities at LUC.

Are you a LUC alumni and have your contact details, such as your email address, changed? Make sure to let us know here. This way, you will not miss out on invitations for alumni events and reunions.

Every season you will a receive a LUC Alumni newsletter that is specifically designed for LUC graduates. This newsletter contains information about our college, staff, alumni events and reunions, fellow alumni, jobs, internships and other opportunities.

In case you do not receive this newsletter, it could be that your contact information is not up-to-date or maybe you wished not to receive any mailing from Leiden University at all. But, no worries, it is easily fixed by filling out this form.

Amid our international ambitions in a globalising world, LUC seeks to extends its alumni reach beyond The Hague. Therefore, a system of international LUC alumni hubs has been set up. These hubs are points of communication, social cohesion and networking, separately coordinated by designated LUC alumni. Currently, local hub WhatsApp groups are in place and serve as main platforms of communication. These will be used to coordinate events that may be of relevance to the LUC alumni community.

The details of the first existing groups are listed below. Feel free to join a hub that may correspond to your location.

Berlin (Coordinated by Kendra Dieckmann)

Brussels (Coordinated by Filippa Braarud) 

Geneva (Coordinated by Frenkchris Sinay)

London (coordinated by Jonas Le Thierry)

Paris (coordinated by Juliana Rademaker)     

US East Coast (coordinated by Kelsey Bischot)

Evidently this is a preliminary selection of hubs based on alumni engagement of previous years. We kindly invite you to volunteer for the creation of additional hubs across the globe. Should you be in a location with multiple alumni that are keen to reconnect, please reach out to Jonas Le Thierry who will stand at your disposal to get this going asap!

Follow our social media pages to stay updated about the LUC, students, staff and alumni. It is an easy way to stay connected with us and being informed about the activities and events at LUC. You can follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and you can join the Evolucio LinkedIn group.

Throughout the year there are various events at LUC where we the experience and knowledge of our alumni are very helpful. Moreover, we look forward to seeing you back again at our campus in The Hague. Below you see how you can inspire and activate other students.

  • Assist during the Open Day and/or Experience Events
  • Be a guest speaker during one of the LUC (Alumni) Events (> link to events page)
  • Register as a Mentor for students
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