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Why Give

At Leiden University College we are determined to offer the best Liberal Arts & Sciences programme, and we believe that our students have the potential to play a leading role in tackling the challenges our world faces. Therefore, we aim to ensure that any student - regardless of their background - can study here.

Research – including studies by our own students and staff – clearly shows that financial hardship may lead to stress and challenges to physical and mental wellbeing, obstacles to participate in academic and social activities, and feelings of exclusion or shame.

The Financial support programme aims to make studying at LUC as affordable as other university programs in the Netherlands for those who need this support.

Every bit helps!

But we can't do this alone. Every year we receive more applications for funding than we can afford to support from LUC’s own budget, and some students have financial needs that are beyond our capacity. That is why the LUC Fund needs your contribution and support. By giving to the LUC Fund you empower talented students who otherwise don't have the means to study at LUC, providing them with a solid base for their future careers. With your help you contribute to a better world.

Three fundraising goals

Ensuring that talented students - regardless of their background - can study at Leiden University College.

The financial support programme is there to help students who qualify for admission but can't afford the entire cost of the study programme. The financial support programme can currently cover only part of a students' financial need while demand is growing every year. With your gift we can not only continue supporting the current benificiaries, but expand the programme so that more students can benefit. 

Support LUC students with participation in Global Citizenship courses and excursions.

Our program offers a set of unique Global Citizenship courses, connecting academic knowledge with real world experiences. These courses take students out into the world to experience and learn from different contexts and cooperate with societal partners. There are field courses and excursions within the city of The Hague, the Netherlands and abroad, often involving extra costs for the students. Some students cannot afford this, and the Global Citizens Travel Fund is there to help.

The Global Citizens Travel Fund was initiated by our former Educational Director Lieke Schreel, who played a significant role in the foundation of the college and development of the curriculum.

Contribute to the fundraising goal of your cohort!

Our alumni strongly value the foundation LUC gave them for their future academic and professional careers. Within the student community, there is a strong commitment to equity and inclusion, and students and alumni alike care deeply about ensuring that LUC is affordable to all. Once our alumni start with their careers they are motivated to keep their connections with the college and its community.

Starting in 2023, each graduating cohort chooses a fundraising goal. This can be anything and of any size, as long as it contributes to the generations of students to come. In this way, alumni can give others the chances they had themselves, and stay involved with our community.

You can find the fundraiser activities of LUC’s graduating classes on this website. There, you can make a one-off donation. If you want to become a structural sponsor of your cohort with an annual or monthly donation, please donate through the form on this page.

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