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Institute of Security and Global Affairs


Within the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, research is organised in seven main research groups:

Research groups

Cyber Security Governance

The focus here is on research into the influence of the cyber sphere on society, and how digital technology affects more traditional concepts such as government, law, international relations, sovereignty and conflict.
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Diplomacy and Global Affairs

This field of research concentrates on the shifting power configurations in the world, conflict prevention and the work and influence of various players in world politics.
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Governance of Crises

This research group studies the symptoms, causes and dynamic of crises and the challenges of crisis management.
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Intelligence and Security

Within the research area Intelligence and security, intelligence is studied from a political, historical, ethical, judicial, and methodological perspective.
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Physical Violence and Public Order

Physical Violence refers to violence related to criminal activities, violence perpetrated in interpersonal conflict such as in the domestic sphere, and socio-political violence.
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Terrorism and Political Violence

This research group studies terrorism and other politically motivated violence.
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War, Peace and Justice

The research group War, Peace and Justice brings together scholars, researchers as well as current and former practitioners to explore issues related to the drivers, nature and (new) dynamics of war and conflict, comprehensive approaches to the promotion of sustainable peace, and the role of justice and human rights in the context of conflict, peace and global affairs.
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