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Global Transformations and Governance Challenges

Welcome to the Global Transformations and Governance Challenges (GTGC) programme at Leiden University!

Recent global developments have created new challenges for our societies. Think for example of the need for coordinated international approaches to tackle pandemics, global warming and migration. Or of the importance of benefiting from new technologies while also tackling their potential negative effects. GTGC explores how innovative policies and governance arrangements can address such global transformations in democratic, effective, fair, peaceful and sustainable ways.

GTGC is based in The Hague, a world centre of global governance as well as political capital of the Netherlands. The GTGC programme brings together scholars from different faculties at Leiden University, working in highly interdisciplinary teams. Our projects also reach out to official agencies, civil society, media and local communities. We moreover develop courses for Leiden University’s teaching programmes, stimulating students to think creatively about addressing today’s world-scale changes.

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