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Physical Violence and Public Order

Physical Violence refers to violence related to criminal activities, violence perpetrated in interpersonal conflict such as in the domestic sphere, and socio-political violence. It ranges from mass shootings such as Columbine and Virginia Tech, to nighttime violence, alcohol-related violence, violent robberies, violence and mental health, gun violence, and violence associated with organized crime. We study the scope, patterns and explanations for these events, and the impact these events and their perpetrators have on public order.

Marieke Liem

In this group, we adopt a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary perspective, in which we use and adapt concepts from sociology, public health and public policy, criminology, victimology, forensic psychology and pedagogy – moving past mono-disciplinary approaches to research into violence and public order. In our data-driven research, we seek to help design evidence-based, tailored interventions and to aid efforts to reduce the violence burden on society.

Connection with other research

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