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Terrorism and Political Violence

The research group on terrorism and political violence studies the phenomena of terrorism-related and other politically motivated violence.

Bart Schuurman

How can we explain IS attacks in the Middle East and Western countries? Is a new right-wing extremist wave of terrorism in the making? How do state and society deal with these attacks? What are the international responses towards terrorist threats? Our research group studies these and more questions from different theoretical perspectives. To do so, the group members collect new empirical data and interact with the policy community and public through lectures, media appearances and policy consulting

Article on right-wing extremist lone actors

The paper "Background and Preparatory Behaviours of Right-Wing Extremist Lone Actors: A Comparative Study" by Bart Schuurman together with Noémie Bohana, Emily Corner and Paul Gill is now published in Perspectives on Terrorism


Article on reintegration of terrorists in the Netherlands

The paper "Reintegration terrorists in the Netherlands: Evaluating the Dutch Approach" by Liesbeth van der Heide and Bart Schuurman is now published in the Journal of Deradicalization.


Edited volume on political Muslims and youth resistance

An edited volume by Tahir Abbas and Sadek Hamid on "Political Muslims: Understanding Youth Resistance in a Global Context" is now published at Syracuse University Press.  Link: http://syracuseuniversitypress.syr.edu/fall-2018/political-muslims.html

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