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Public Management (MSc)

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Public Administration (MSc)

The management of public organisations is vital to the effectiveness of public policies that address social challenges. In the Public Management MPA track you focus on such questions as when and how management contributes to public performance.

Nadine Stokkink

Student Public Management

Nadine Stokkink

“The specialization Public Management focuses on the various challenges that public managers face in practice.”

“Various courses teach us to deal with these challenges. The study is closely related to the reality of working in Public Management positions. An example is the course Change Management and Leadership. During that course we learn how leaders manage an organizational change due to for example cutbacks. This is very relevant, since organizations in The Netherlands are constantly undergoing organizational changes due to cutbacks. Our professors are experts in the subjects they discuss: they have done extensive research in their areas of expertise.”

“This master specialization takes place in The Hague. This provides the students with many opportunities. The Hague is the center of Public Administration. All the Dutch ministries are located in The Hague, thus there are ample opportunities for study related internships. For example, I did an internship at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and wrote my Master’s thesis following an internship at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations. Both are only a five minute walking distance away from the University.”

Sandra Groeneveld

Scientific Director

Sandra Groeneveld

“Public managers connect people to purpose”

The Public Management specialisation focuses on how public managers can contribute to the organisational capacity to solve societal problems by balancing the management of external relations with internal management activities. The management of public organizations is vital to the effectiveness of public policies since policy outputs and outcomes are to be generated by public organizations and their employees, often within complex networks with other public, non-profit and private sector organizations. We study how public managers’ leadership connects people to the purpose of delivering public value.

Public management as a field of study essentially focuses on public performance. We analyse managers’ decision making regarding the achievement of potentially contradictory organizational goals and how the effectiveness of their decisions is contingent upon the institutional context in which the organization is embedded. This context may provide opportunities, but also constraints, such as decreasing resources in the realm of the economic crisis.

Students of Public Management acquire knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and theories of public management as well as of state-of-the-art academic research. On top of this they develop the professional skills to use their knowledge in responding to management challenges in international, national and local public organizational settings.

What does this master programme entail?

Public management essentially focuses on public performance: public organisations have to attain a complex set of goals which are related to distinct sets of values. Consequently, public managers face greater ambiguity and multiplicity of goals than managers in other settings. In the PM track of the MPA you examine public policy and governance from an organisational and managerial perspective. You acquire theoretical knowledge and professional skills essential for taking a managerial role in a public organisation.

3 Reasons to choose Public Management at Leiden University

In this unique and relevant specialisation track of the MSc Public Administration:

  • You learn from  members of the Institute of Public Administration plus guest lecturers who are members of management in a variety of publicorganisations;
  • Your study is informed by the latest international, interdisciplinary research into the complex world of public management;
  • You study in The Hague, international city of peace and justice, home to many public and private organisations.

Public Management: the right programme for you?

  • Are you interested in how the external and internal management of public organisations impacts the effectiveness of public policies?
  • Do you want to study public policy and governance from an organisational and managerial perspective?
  • Do you have interest in a career in public management?
  • Do you want to contribute to research and practice in this crucial area?

Then this programme is for you!