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Public Management and Leadership (MSc)

Study programme

The PM track is built on the foundation of core MPA courses in which you gain understanding of the complexities of public institutions and acquire advanced academic skills. Specialisation courses focus on the internal/external management of public organisations.

Programme outline

  • You, and every student in the MPA, take two core courses: Public Institutions and Public Policy and Values. Those courses constitute a firm base on which your PM specialisation courses build further.
  • Besides these core courses, all MPA students take the courses Research Design and Research Methods.  
  • From Block 1 onward, you take four specialisation courses and one elective.
  • In Block 4 you conduct original research on a topic of your choice related to your specialisation, and  present your results in a thesis.

A Number of Courses highlighted

Contemporary governance systems are characterised by a variety of actors – public and private, local and international, formal and informal. Furthermore, actors operate in a complex institutional setting. What are institutions, how do they change, and what effect do institutions have on the behaviour of actors? These are the key questions in this course.

This course consists of a series of online learning modules covering different academic skills, qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection as well as methods of analysis. The online learning modules are combined with face-to-face group sessions in which these methods are discussed and applied

Questions that will be addressed in this course include: can networks be distinguished from more traditional forms of organisation? How and why do these networks emerge? What characteristics of members, relationship structure, and policy context may affect network performance? How should organisational leaders go about managing networks?


Because of the practical and highly focused nature of this one-year programme, which aims to quickly train a new generation of leadership for the public sector, there is only one elective course (in Block 2).  

See the e-Prospectus for more information.

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