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Public Management and Leadership (MSc)

Career prospects

The combination of academic and professional skills taught in the Public Management specialisation of Public Administration makes graduates excellent candidates for positions as a public manager, or take on an advisory role as a management consultant or strategic advisor within public organisations.

Skills after graduation

In the Public Management specialisation of the Master in Public Administration, you gain knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and theories of public management, as well as how to carry out state-of-the-art academic research. On top of this you develop the professional skills to be able to effectively apply your knowledge in practice to  respond to management challenges in international, national and local public organisational settings. After graduation you are especially well-equipped to fulfil a managerial position in a public organisation.

Positions our alumni hold

Graduates of the MSc in Public Administration, Public Management specialisation currently hold a wide variety of managerial, policy-making and consultancy positions within such public organisations as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private organisations.

Did you know that… ?

  • 53 % of our alumni found a job within two months after graduation?
  • 77 % of our alumni found a job within six months after graduation?
  • 91% of our alumni found a job within a year after graduation?
  • Over 60 % of our alumni have a job for which the MSc Public Administration or a closely related studies was a requirement?
  • Our alumni work on average 38 hours per week and have a gross monthly salary of more than € 3.000?


Sector of first job

  • 42.0 Business (e.g. consulting, finance, legal)
  • 12.0 Other (e.g. non-profit, political party, media)
  • 19.0 Research & Education
  • 28.0 Government

In which sector do our alumni find jobs?

  • 46.0 Public Sector
  • 14.0 Business services, industry, transport, trade
  • 6.0 University
  • 7.0 Financial & legal services
  • 4.0 Press, information, communication
  • 2.0 HBO
  • 21.0 Other

The most popular jobs of our alumni

  • 27.0 Policy advisor
  • 17.0 Project manager
  • 11.0 Consultant
  • 6.0 Researcher
  • 6.0 Communication expert
  • 3.0 Teacher
  • 3.0 PhD
  • 3.0 Financial advisor
  • 24.0 Other

Source: Database Alumni Public Administration

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