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Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence (MA)

About the programme

The one-year master’s programme in Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence offers a general programme, as well as two specialisations: Economic History and Governance of Migration and Diversity.

MA Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence

In our research and teaching the comparative method, inspired by an interest in (global) connections, plays a central role. We try to connect local sources with global developments. Primary sources form the building blocks that are needed to understand how people experienced social and cultural changes and global interactions. Recognising the importance of time and place as historical variables, the MA Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence aims at understanding larger processes and mechanisms through time, by focusing more specifically on:

  • Urban and state institutions and their effects on inclusion and exclusion;
  • Social engineering, criminality, and urban subcultures;
  • Changing labour relations in capitalist institutions and their relations to economic development;
  • The (gendered) interaction between migration and membership regimes in different parts of the world and the effects of categorisation in making distinctions between migrants and established;
  • Transnational commercial networks, cultural exchanges and global interdependence;
  • Characteristics of different capitalist systems and their effects on the welfare state, labor relations and sustainable development.

More information about the three specialisations

For more details about the Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence general programme, please visit this page.

For more details about our Economic history specialisation, please visit our Economic History page.

Governance of Migration and Diversity is a cooperation between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. For more information about this programme, please visit our Governance of Migration and Diversity page.


During this programme you can also select an optional course from a wide range of possibilities. For an overview of all or our electives, please check the online studyguide.

Please note that this guide applies to the current academic year, which means that the curriculum for next year may slightly differ.

Marlou Schrover

Professor of Migration History

Marlou Schrover

"The Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence programme offers you three specializations, namely the general subtrack 'Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence', and the two specific subtracks 'Economic History' and 'Governance of Migration and Diversity’ (GMD). The interdisciplinary part of the GMD track is fun and useful, it offers a lot of different perspectives and is not centered around the history discipline only. Moreover, the programme is also very much geared to community formation, which means that there is a lot of interaction between students."

Admission and Application

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