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Modern Languages (MA)

In Modern Languages specialisation you will explore the structure, acquisition, history and use of one or more of these five languages in depth: Chinese, English, French, German or Italian.

Why study Modern Languages at Leiden University?

The specialisation in Modern Languages allows you to deepen and broaden your knowledge on language and linguistics. The courses are extensive and cover a broad range of topics, including how languages evolve over time and how they can vary from place to place, how people acquire them and how people use them in context. This makes you an expert on language in all its forms.

The programme allows you to specialise in one or more out of the five languages that we offer: Chinese, English, French, German and Italian. These languages are among the most widely spoken and best-studied languages in the world. This provides you with a solid foundation that is highly valued by potential employers.

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What are your career prospects?

This Master's transforms you into an expert on your chosen language and prepares you for various kinds of professions in the language industry. Our graduates work at different types of organisations, such as education, research institutions, communication and marketing, and publishing.

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Is Modern Languages the programme for you?

Do you want to study the language(s) of your interest? And do you want to know everything about its structure, acquisition, history and use? Then Modern Languages at Leiden University is the right Master's programme for you. Find out if you are eligible for this Master's programme by checking the admission requirements.

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