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Heritage and Society (BA)

Continuing your studies

The master’s programme in Archaeology at Leiden University is the most diverse in the Netherlands. There are several regional and thematic focus areas and research is incorporated in the education programme. Join our international classroom: half of the students come from outside The Netherlands, as well as half of the teaching staff. All programmes are taught in English.

Master Archaeology

With a master's degree you will have completed a full academic education, and you will enter the job market with a maximum of theoretical understanding. Continuing your studies, therefore, is recommended. The only question is, what master's programme will you follow?

The master's in Archaeology taks 1 year. We have four master's specialisations available:

Research master's in Archaeology

A research master’s is an advanced two-year postgraduate programme with an even higher research component than the regular master’s programme. Admission takes place after selection; selection is based on criteria like high grades and a good academic posture. The programme prepares you for a career in academia.

Full overview

For a full overview of all one-year master’s programmes and two-year research master programmes at Leiden University, visit the Master's in Leiden website.

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