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Global Archaeology (MA)

With Global Archaeology at Leiden University, the study of our past can help you understand and resolve current societal issues. Explore the dynamics in past societies: innovation, adaptation, resilience and resistance in processes of long- and short-term changes.

Joanita Vroom


Joanita Vroom

"The international approach makes Archaeology in Leiden unique. We have lecturers and researchers from South America to Asia, and we study a wide variety of epochs."

What does this master's programme entail?

Global Archaeology will admit you into a lively, multifaceted community and gives you access to researchers from many different backgrounds and to international networks all over the world.

Follow your personal interests, and choose from a plethora of focus areas. Will you focus on the deep past of humankind? Or do you prefer to dive into the Roman world? Or would you rather study pre-Columbian America? 

Within Global Archaeology, it is up to you.

See the programme structure for information on how to integrate these focus areas into your master's programme.

Why Global Archaeology at Leiden University?

  • Study at a Faculty that has quite rightly earned a place in the top ten of archaeology research and teaching institutes in the world.
  • Make use of our regional expertise on Europe, the Near East, the Mediterranean, and the Americas.
  • Benefit from our large network in international research.
  • Gain a solid basis for a national or international career in archaeology, heritage management, heritage policy or the museum world.

More reasons to study Global Archaeology at Leiden University.

Excavating in Jordan

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