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Archaeology (BA)

Archaeology in Leiden encompasses the study of societies, cultures, and human behaviour from the past, aiming to reconstruct and revive them. With our mix of education and research you lay a strong foundation for an international career in archaeology or heritage management.

Why Rory Granleese chose Archaeology

Senior Archaeology student

Why Rory Granleese chose Archaeology

"I grew up in Ireland, which is a very interesting place in terms of archaeology. Leiden was the only university to offer an international bachelor for the subject, and that was very appealing to me. I think it provides more opportunity, considering that English is the lingua franca of the Western world, and very popular in the field of archaeology."

What will you discover with Dr. Genner Llanes Ortiz?


What will you discover with Dr. Genner Llanes Ortiz?

"My research touches different aspects of Indigenous heritage, but I am particularly interested in the role of indigenous art forms – like music, cinema, video, and digital activism – in cultural and linguistic revitalisation. This means that my focus is on contemporary views of heritage."

The value of archaeological heritage

"I work in collaboration with my own people, the Yucatec Maya in Mexico, but also with people in other regions of the Americas. I want to promote awareness of local (often indigenous) perspectives in archaeological and heritage research. My goal is to show that if we want to understand the value of archaeological heritage and cultural history, we need to pay attention to the knowledge and perspectives that living people have about this."

Why study Archaeology?

Make a meaningful contribution to our knowledge of humankind by studying the activities and behaviour of people from the past. With learnings from history, you will gain new insights into our present-day world. You will look at contemporary issues like migration, globalisation, and climate change through an archaeological lense. With this unique angle, you may contribute to the public debate.

Depending on your preferences, you may also immerse yourself in the role of heritage in society. You will think about the future and the preservation of heritage, and you will gain experience with heritage policy. Furthermore, you will explore current issues, for example the role of cultural heritage within migrant communities.

Archaeology at Leiden University

Furthermore, the programme offers:

  • a strong, global emphasis, with wide networks in international research;
  • excellent facilities in the heart of Leiden’s academic community;
  • English language teaching by enthusiastic lecturers;
  • a lively and sociable study association.

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Is this the programme for you?

Archaeology at Leiden University is the programme for you if:

  • you literally and figuratively want to dig into the past;
  • you have an investigative nature;
  • you are interested in people and their (material) culture;
  • you are practical, but not daunted by academic theory;
  • you have a good grasp of English;
  • you are social and are able to work well together with others.

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