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Archaeology (Research MA)

The research master’s programme in Archaeology is the most diverse in the Netherlands. Benefit from our extensive experience and international reputation in archaeological research, and lay the best foundation for a career in academia.

Lysanne Michels

Research master's student

Lysanne Michels

'I am enrolled in the research master's in Archaeology and I am focusing on Osteoarchaeology - the study of past people themselves rather than their artefacts. This combines everything I'm interested in: human behaviour, medicine, forensics, and of course the archaeology of multiple regions and periods.'

Simone Reurings

Research master's student

Simone Reurings

'The research masters's programme was especially interesting for me since I wanted to create my own path in my master's. The amount of free choices, in electives as well as in the opportunity to visit workshops and conferences and research possibilities, made this programme appealing to me. I am specialising in Archaeobotany, but next to that I am also broadening my knowledge of the two other branches of bio-archaeology taught at this Faculty.'

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What does this master's programme entail?

The two-year master's programme in Archaeology (research) is organised around the excellent research for which Leiden has reached international renown. Students in this programme will choose a supervisor with whom they set up a personal study plan. The supervisor will be the student's personal coach throughout the research master's.

Supervisors are either Professors or Associate Professors and are specialised in a range of research topics.

The programme's courses aim to intensify and broaden the students' knowledge base and to develop research and publication skills. You are encouraged to visit conferences, contribute to workshops and to take courses outside the department.

Academic career

The research master's programme forms an excellent preparation for an academic career in archaeology. Graduates are also eligible for archaeological functions at consultancies or in public service. Graduates may also find employment in positions not directly or indirectly related to their field: journalism, publishing, public relations and international organisations.

More about the career prospects.

Why Archaeology (research) at Leiden University?

  • Study at a Faculty that has quite rightly earned a place in the top ten of archaeology research and teaching institutes in the world.
  • Explore fascinating regional and thematic specialisation possibilities. The programme stimulates extra-talented and motivated students by exposing them to cutting-edge research and making them part of it;
  • Gain all the 21st century professional and transferable skills you need, and find your own place in the wide world of archaeological careers;
  • Benefit from our research facilities and labs, field schools and excavation projects, experimental archaeology projects and the Dutch national research schools (ARCHON, OIKOS). The programme offers excellent opportunities for every prospective researcher.

More reasons to study Archaeology (research) at Leiden University.

Chat with a student

Do you have a question about studying at Leiden University or student life in Leiden? Do you want more information about the Archaeology research master's programme? Chat with a current student for answers to your questions!

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