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Applied Archaeology (MA)

The master’s specialisation in Applied Archaeology prepares students at an academic level for a professional career in archaeology. This unique specialisation is a joint venture of Leiden University and Saxion University of Applied Science.

David Fontijn


David Fontijn

"Our programme in Applied Archaeology combines cutting-edge academic insights with state-of-the-art practical skills. The Leiden applied archaeology masters is THE breeding ground for the field archaeologist of the future."

What does this master's programme entail?

Applied Archaeology focuses on:

  • new approaches, developments and trends in archaeology and heritage;
  • managing skills for archaeological projects;
  • the environmental, spatial and societal frameworks for future archaeology.

Applied Archaeology will admit you into a lively, multifaceted community and gives you access to researchers experienced in field work techniques. You will improve your archaeological skill set, while always holding the academic perspective on archaeological techniques.

In Applied Archaeology, you may follow your personal interests, and choose a matching career profile. What kind of archaeologist will you become? Will you focus on archaeological science, on fieldwork techniques, or rather on cultural heritage management? Next to your career profile, you will select a regional focus.

With Applied Archaeology, you decide your own path.

See the programme for information on how to integrate the choices into your master's programme.

Why Applied Archaeology at Leiden University?

  • Benefit from our wide range of expertise. Match your prefered archaeological science methods with one of the regions we lecture on, from the Americas to the Near East. 
  • Study at a Faculty that has quite rightly earned a place in the top ten of archaeology research and teaching institutes in the world.
  • Benefit from our large network in international research.
  • Gain a solid basis for a national or international career in archaeology, heritage management, heritage policy or the museum world.

More reasons to study Applied Archaeology at Leiden University.

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