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Internationalisation and diversity

Everyone is welcome in a stimulating, international and inclusive educational community, , and it is in this kind of environment that we can get the best out of our students. Students of diverse nationalities, cultures and religions come together in our international classrooms. Our teaching programmes pay attention to cross-border or global problems and diverse perspectives.

The interaction between education and its environment can no longer remain limited to the national landscape. Graduates must be able to place their knowledge in a European and global context; in their later lives they will communicate with international clients and colleagues and will increasingly collaborate and compete across borders.

This obviously applies to our international students, but increasingly also for Dutch students who remain in the Netherlands. Such an approach calls for collaboration with international partners and opportunities for study and internships in other countries. It also requires opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with international partners and European and international organisations. This already takes place on a small scale, often at the initiative of enterprising students with an international outlook.

To educate truly internationally and interculturally competent graduates, however, these opportunities have to be broadened and multiplied, starting by including comparative or global approaches to the relevant discipline in our teaching programmes and by exploiting the international diversity of our classrooms.

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