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Application of technology

The range of programmes we offer reflects technological developments. Lecturers adapt technology to suit their disciplines, and our teaching programmes incorporate the most rapid innovations. We are developing innovative, online teaching that better suits our students who have different entry levels and rates and styles of study, as well as different elective courses.

We aim to reflect the way today’s students experience technology. New technologies and new online providers are changing higher education and the way that students participate in education. It is crucial that we respond to the changes in the professional field brought about by technological innovations such as big data, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Students also have to be trained to adapt to the technological innovations that will take place in their work. It is also crucial that new technologies are used to enrich the teaching process itself. New media and digital resources are ideal instruments to stimulate an active and inquisitive attitude on the part of students.

Series of short video clips about technological innovation in education

What does it mean for teachers to innovate their education? How do they envision the future of learning, and how do they act on it? Seven teachers of Leiden University share their vision in short video clips, called the 'Innovation for Teaching' series to inspire everyone interested in this topic. You can watch all interviews in this playlist.

The series are produced by the Centre for Innovation's Online Learning Lab, part of Leiden University.

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