Universiteit Leiden

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Profile of students

Students are educated to become academic professionals and responsible and engaged citizens who are internationally and interculturally competent

Academic professionals

They are academic professionals who have the academic knowledge and skills required by the job market of the future: professionals with a thorough knowledge of the discipline and a critical, inquisitive mindset. They are able to take on leading positions, are entrepreneurial and can work in partnership with colleagues from different disciplines and backgrounds.

Engaged citizens

As citizens, they engage with the societal challenges facing the world and want to play an active role in finding solutions. They have a clear sense of responsibility towards society.

Internationally and interculturally competent

They can place knowledge in an international context and are aware of the culture-specific and social nature of knowledge and values. They are able to make use of the international, intercultural and gender diversity that characterise our society and job market in order to arrive at sustainable and responsible solutions. They are capable of reflecting critically on the cultural and social background of their own values..

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