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Apart from academic skills, our teaching also focuses on transferable skills. Both business and society demand critical thinking, the ability to solve problems and self-reflection; however, they also ask for creativity, the ability to collaborate, and communicative skills, such as presenting, persuading and debating.

To give substance to the academic and personal development of our students, the University not only needs to have the right knowledge at its disposal, but also has to encourage students to develop the right skills. These can be transferable skills, such as academic, intercultural, digital, communication and social skills and competences such as leadership and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the non-transferable skills relating to specific disciplines also continue to play an important role.

Community of Practice

To share knowledge about this theme, a ‘Skills’ community of practice is active within the University. In this community, ideas and materials are exchanged, and knowledge and experience are shared.

Staff and students that have extensive knowledge and experience or a strong interest in the theme participate in this community. The common denominator is to be actively involved with respect to the theme. Participants include lecturers, students and other education developers and staff.

The community of practice meets regularly and is facilitated by ICLON. At the moment, propositions are being made for a follow-up: goals, size, participants, frequency of the meetings and in which areas the community could further professionalise.

Would you like to join the community? If so, please contact the Faculty Coordinator or the programme team.

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