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Integration of research and teaching

Integration of research and teaching is the core of Leiden University’s teaching in all programmes. The university stimulates students’ research-oriented attitudes.

Students are no longer merely observers; they become participants by developing and conducting research themselves. As a consequence, research is not just the basis of our teaching, but is actually the very core of our teaching. This approach has a motivating effect on both students and lecturers.

Community of Expertise for Teaching and Learning

In order to share knowledge and expertise on research and teaching, a community of expertise will be set up in 2019. This community not only has a role in knowledge sharing such as the traditional communities of practice, but also with regard to the elaboration of the ambition of 'integration of research and teaching'. By means of action research and knowledge sharing, this community will be a hotbed for the development of innovative ideas for educational innovation.

Staff members who have either a great deal of knowledge and experience or a strong interest in the theme can participate in the community. The common denominator is to be actively involved in the theme. Participants include teachers, educational developers and other staff.

The community of expertise hopes to make a fresh start in 2019 after previous exploratory meetings. A plan is currently being written for the next steps: objectives, size, participants, frequency of meetings and in which areas the community could further professionalize itself.

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