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Engagement with society

Our education responds to questions and needs from society. With the knowledge and skills they acquire through education, empowered and critical citizens will be able to contribute to a better world. Students can already start contributing during their programme, with community-based projects (Service Learning) together with societal institutions such as municipalities and schools.

Our teaching is directly connected with society. Developments in society have an immediate influence on our teaching, and over time our teaching has an important impact on society.

This interaction can be shaped more directly through community projects with such bodies as schools, healthcare organisations and local councils, and by focusing attention on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. In order to give students the opportunity to develop into engaged and responsible citizens, it is important that the University encourages and supports such initiatives, even when they are not an integral part of the curriculum. Extra- and co-curricular activities make a substantial contribution to students’ academic and personal development.

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