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Engagement with society

Our teaching responds to the questions and needs of society. During their studies, students can already have an impact on current social challenges, and gain knowledge and skills that will help them contribute to a better world once they graduate – as academic professionals and engaged citizens.

Our research and teaching are in direct contact with society. In our teaching, we want to increase and foster social awareness in our students. This means they are informed about social, political and professional developments and are aware of their own role and influence within these developments. 

Different forms of socially engaged teaching

Developments in society reach and influence our teaching. Our teaching also has an important impact on society – via our graduates. To future-proof our students’ development, we seek an explicit role for societal challenges in our teaching. During their studies, our students learn in different ways about, for, in and with society. 
The ‘Engagement with Society’ ambition is closely linked to the ‘Employability Enhancement’ and ‘Skills’ ambitions. Introducing students to social issues often gives them immediate insight into the job market they will enter. And working on social issues gives them the opportunity to develop skills and gain experience. 

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