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Gorlaeus Building

The first phase of the Gorlaeus Building has been completed and it is in use by the Faculty of Science since 2016. During the second phase we will further develop the building, which will get a nice, characteristic entrance. In January 2021, out of three candidates, one contractor was selected: construction company Heijmans Utiliteit.

Phase 1 (2013-2016)

The first phase of the Gorlaeus Building, with a gross floor area of 46,000 m2, has been completed and is in use. It covers about half of the future central axis, with three short wings and one long one. A flyer has been made about this building phase: Gorlaeus Building, unlimited possibilities

Here below we present a photo selection of the first phase.

Phase 2 (2017-2026)

Phase 2a (2017-2023)
During phase 2a, the central atrium will be completed, as well as adding three new wings. The shared facilities, such as a cafĂ© and the library, will also be completed in this phase. The new main entrance of the building will be on Einsteinweg. From there on, the new flagship building and the iconic Gorlaeus Lecture Hall building will form the 'face' of the Faculty. For this phase, the Gorlaeus high-rise needs to be demolished. The LMUY building will serve as a buffer during this construction phase. 

Phase 2b (2023-2026)
Once the LMUY building has been demolished, the Gorlaeus Building will be completed by expanding on that side to create space for offices, labs, etc. The building will be centrally located at the campus square.


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