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Sustainable demolition of the Faculty of Science building

The contractor has begun the complete demolition of the high-rise building. The demolition will be completed in August 2019, after which the remaining debris will be removed and the area will be cleared. For the demolition, the University is applying the BREEAM evaluation method at the level of ‘Excellent’, which means that the demolition operations must be CO2-neutral and not cause any form of nuisance. By conducting the work in various stages, the waste flows are easier to separate and the demolition process takes less time. Debris is granulated on the demolition site for reuse as construction material or for road foundations.

Complete demolition

The dismantling of the former Gorlaeus laboratory has entered a new stage: complete demolition. Now that all stone-like materials from the building and the existing window-cleaning system have been removed, workers have now begun dismantling the roofing.

The roofing is currently being dismantled. The roofing tiles are being lowered to the ground in packets using a tower crane. This will be followed by the removal of the eaves.

Dismantling of the façade

The surrounding curtain walls will be removed on a floor-by-floor basis. These operations will be conducted from inside the relevant floor with a mini-crane. At the same time, a container will be suspended on the outside of the building with the tower crane to collect falling debris. This container will have steel frames on three sides. These frames will be fitted with nets to prevent glass fragments from flying into the surrounding area and to collect them in the container.  

Demolition of outer ring and core

The area between the building's core and the façade is called the outer ring. This outer ring will be removed on a floor-by-floor basis. A floor saw will be used to saw the floors into blocks suitable for hoisting. These blocks will subsequently be removed with a tower crane. This method gives the best guarantee of safety and minimises dust. After this, the steel construction of the outer ring will be removed.

Once the outer ring has been dismantled, the building’s core will be demolished. This will be carried out using small cranes. The tower crane will be used to lower the steel beams and columns through the core to ground level.  

LMUY and the operations corridor between the high-rise part and the basin are protected against falling debris. Special platforms have been constructed for this purpose.


For more information about the demolition, go to the website Duurzame sloop LCP en hoogbouw

If you have any questions of complaints, you can place them via this contact form. The demolition company Van Beelen will react to your email within 24 hours and resolve complaints within 5 working days.

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