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Sustainable demolition of the Faculty of Science building

Since the asbestos removal and pre-demolition work in the high-rise has been completed, preparations for the full demolition of the former laboratory are underway. A tower crane will be installed next to the building. Demolition will start in early 2019 and the building will disappear entirely before the summer of that year.


Preparations for the full demolition of the building will commence on Tuesday 22 Januari. Over three days, the tower crane will be assembled to a height of almost 57 metres using a smaller crane. 

The contractor will then build steel platforms around the building, above the walkway and the LMUY. These ‘crash decks’ provide protection for these roofs during the demolition work.


The location of the tower crane beside the building (in orange) is clearly visible here. The protective platform above the LMUY is indicated in purple.

Full demolition

A demolition crane on top of the building does the demolition work by dividing floor fields into small pieces. These are then lifted with the tower crane. The concrete-walled core at the centre of the building will be 'cut' with giant bold cutters attached to the demolition crane. Finally, the steel frame (bearing structure/skeleton of the building) is lifted down in parts per floor.

Demolition will be complete before the summer of 2019. The period between then and September of that year will be used for the removal of debris and clearing the area. 

A protective platform will also be installed over a part of the connecting walkway between the high-rise and the Gorlaeus Laboratories.

Sustainable demolition

The university is employing the sustainability-based BREEAM assessment method for the demolition. The 'Excellent’ level means that the demolition is CO2 neutral and does not cause any nuisance.
The rubble is processed into granulate at the demolition site, which can then be used as construction material or road foundation. 


For more information about the demolition, go to the website Duurzame sloop LCP en hoogbouw

If you have any questions of complaints, you can place them via this contact form. The demolition company Van Beelen will react to your email within 24 hours and resolve complaints within 5 working days.

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