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Schilperoort Park

Leiden University and the Municipality of Leiden are working together on the development of the Schilperoort Park. This new public space will be situated in the north-eastern part of the Leiden Bio Science Park. The park ambience will extend into the adjacent residential area, where former medical laboratories are being transformed into housing.

The area between the residential buildings will have cycle and pedestrian paths and the same park ambience.

Latest developments

The call for tender starts in June and we will select a contractor in July/August. This contractor will draw up the definitive schedule. When the construction site on the wasteland (between the apartment complexes and the Hogeschool Leiden) is ready, the contractor can then start the work.

The area between the apartment complexes will be tackled first. Also underground waste containers will be installed. The assignment for this has now been provided.

Visualization final design

More trees

There will be a much greater number of trees and some trees are felled or are being transplanted. Take a look at the planting design at this map.

A park for all

Schilperoort Park will be a park for young and old. It will be situated on the Leiden Bio Science Park, between Wassenaarseweg to the north of the Bio Science Park and Poelweteringpad to the south of the Pathology Building. The redevelopment of the public space between three neighbouring apartment blocks and a University building to create more green is also part of the project. The greenery will extend to this area, thus giving it an attractive park ambience. There will parking spaces in the green spaces instead of in a separate car park.

The Schilperoort Park will create a link between the Van Bosman Woods to the north and the Van Leeuwenhoek Park to the south, and on the Bio Science Park itself. Although the park will be part of the Bio Science Park, it will have its own identity with the right vegetation for the soil in the area. The design is based on three atmospheres: 

  1. Intimate: hilly, woody vegetation
  2. Open: grass field for sport and games
  3. Relaxed: lake with a large deck alongside a catering facility in the Pathology Building.
The park will be situated between Wassenaarseweg to the north of the Bio Science Park and Poelweteringpad to the south of the Pathology Building.

The works

The area will undergo a gradual metamorphosis. We will begin with the area between the buildings and end with the development of the park. Below is a summary of the work.

  • All paths will be removed and new ones laid
  • The main entrance will be divided into two lanes with a parking lane between them
  • The barrier will be moved to the other side of the Einthoven Building car park
  • Underground waste containers will be installed
  • Trees and other greenery will be removed or replanted
  • The temporary car park will be removed and the park developed
  • Bike and pedestrian paths will be built
Cars park between the trees rather than in a big car park.


The project will be carried out in phases to reduce inconvenience and ensure that all buildings in the area continue to be accessible to residents, suppliers and the emergency services. The car park will remain at the current temporary location until the new parking spaces are complete. 

Residents' parking

The Municipality of Leiden has introduced residents’ parking in the area. For more information see https://www.leiden.nl/themas/parkeren/


The University aims to have completed the redevelopment of the area by spring 2019. The call for tender is being prepared. Once a contractor has been selected in the summer of 2018, the definitive schedule will be drawn up. The area between the apartment complexes will be tackled first. Underground waste containers will be installed here. 

Once the area has been redeveloped, we will transfer it to the Municipality of Leiden.

Artist’s impression of the lake by the Pathology Building.


If you have any questions or comments that you would like to share with us, send us an email at info@vastgoed.leidenuniv.nl. If you would like to receive updates on the project, use the same address to let us know. We will send you news articles or links to the project page informing you of the latest developments. 

Background information

The Schilperoort Park is named after Professor Rob Schilperoort (1938-2012), founder of the Leiden Bio Science Park (1984). Schilperoort was a lecturer and professor of Biochemistry at Leiden University from 1978 to 2000. Once the park is complete, a piece of art will be installed to commemorate him. 

The apartment buildings adjacent to the Schilperoort Park largely comprise former labs of the Academic Hospital Leiden. State architect J.A.W. Vrijman drew the plans for the labs, which were christened the Cité Médicale: the Faculty of Medicine. At the end of the 20th century Cité Médicale made way for the LUMC. Only the Poort building opposite the hospital and three labs remain:

  • Physiology (1959): this building now bears the name ‘Willem Einthoven’ 
  • Pathology (1929): now a residential building
  • Anatomy (1929): also converted into a residential building

There are three new tower blocks on Wassenaarseweg. These ‘Clusius Towers’ are named after the Clusius Laboratory (1969, biochemistry) that once stood here.

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