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New sports and exam centre

The new sports centre will be a sustainable building. It will be used as an examination location as well.

The new building will be located near the current University Sports Centre (USC). That building will be demolished in order to make room for residential buildings. 

A sustainable building

An important goal of the construction and final building result is sustainability. 
For example, we strive for:

- 'less is more': use as few materials as possible
- good choice of materials: the environmental impact weighs heavily
- the lowest possible CO2 footprint
- renewable materials
- build disassembled as much as possible (screws instead of glue)

All these components (and more) will be further elaborated in the next phase together with the contractor.





Development entrance area Leiden Bio Science Park

In the years to come, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be further developed into a place where studying, working and living get together and happen simultaneously. More than 1100 apartments will be built at the Bio Science Park. Yisheng Developments came up with the design (development and building) of the new entrance area. The entrance area will be connected to the new central Campus square, developed by the University itself. This will be an attractive location with many seating areas and a central fountain. Across the square, the Hartlijn is situated. This is a clearly recognizable walking and cycle route, which will cut across the whole Leiden Bio Science Park, starting at Leiden Central Station. 

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