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New sports and exam centre

The new sports centre will be a sustainable and circular building. It will be used as an examination location as well. Construction starts in 2021, and the completion of the project is expected in September 2022.

The centre will feature a climbing wall and other sport facilities, such as squash courts and a sauna. The entrance of the new sports centre is connected to the adjacent entrance area. For the development, architect Atelier PRO and Copper8 have been selected as the experts on circular construction. Other advisors are Vintis and Pieters Bouwtechniek. The new building will be next to the current University Sports Centre (USC). That building will be demolished in order to make room for residential buildings. 

A sustainable and circular building

An important goal of the construction and final building result is sustainability. Therefore, the whole building - from the design until the implementation phase - has to meet the requirements of the BREEAM-NL Excellent quality mark. Different categories are taken into account, such as energy, health and waste.

The new sports centre will be a circular building. Circular construction can be compared to building with LEGO: right from the start, it is being considered how - at the end of its life cycle - the building can be destructed. In this way, components of the building can be reused or given back to nature. Thus, with demolition in the future, nothing has to be discharged to the dump anymore.

Development entrance area Leiden Bio Science Park

In the years to come, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be further developed into a place where studying, working and living get together and happen simultaneously. More than 1100 apartments will be built at the Bio Science Park. Yisheng Developments came up with the design (development and building) of the new entrance area. The entrance area will be connected to the new central Campus square, developed by the University itself. This will be an attractive location with many seating areas and a central fountain. Across the square, the Hartlijn is situated. This is a clearly recognizable walking and cycle route, which will cut across the whole Leiden Bio Science Park, starting at Leiden Central Station. 

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