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New sports and exam centre

Leiden University is currently preparing the development of a new sports and examination center in collaboration with the construction and design firm Binx Smartility. The current sports and examination center no longer meets sustainability requirements and is also becoming too cramped.

Impression of the new building. No rights can be derived from this image.

The new building will be located where the rugby and soccer fields are currently situated. This new location, directly adjacent to the Campus Square, is more central and nicely borders the other sports fields.

The current building on the other side of Einsteinweg will be demolished in the future to make way for housing

The current location of the sports and examination center and the new location on the other side of the Einsteinweg.

Open atmosphere

The new Sports and Examination Center will be significantly larger. It will feature a large fitness area, two sports halls with stands for various sports, a spinning room, a dance hall, a body and mind room, and a catering facility.

All of this in a building with an open atmosphere and a lot of glass, under the motto: seeing movement inspires movement. The extensive use of glass also provides ample daylight and a beautiful view of the sports fields from the fitness equipment or the dance floor.

To prevent noise from cheering fans or bouncing basketballs, sports classes and exams will generally take place at separate times. The design also incorporates soundproof materials and sufficient wall and floor thickness.


In addition to good acoustics, there is a strong focus on health and sustainability, providing ample fresh air, daylight, and using healthy materials without harmful emissions. The building will also be connected to a heat-cold storage (WKO) system for sustainable heating and cooling, and it will have a roof covered with solar panels.

Development entrance area Leiden Bio Science Park

In the years to come, the Leiden Bio Science Park will be further developed into a place where studying, working and living get together and happen simultaneously. More than 1100 apartments will be built at the Bio Science Park. Yisheng Developments came up with the design (development and building) of the new entrance area. The entrance area will be connected to the new central Campus square, developed by the University itself. This will be an attractive location with many seating areas and a central fountain. Across the square, the Hartlijn is situated. This is a clearly recognizable walking and cycle route, which will cut across the whole Leiden Bio Science Park, starting at Leiden Central Station. 

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