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Gorlaeus Bicycle Storage

A part of the steel construction of the former Gorlaeus high-rise will form the basis of a new green bike park which is part of the redevelopment of the Faculty of Science.

A new bicycle storage in the remnants of former Gorlaeus high-rise lab

The lower stories of the old Gorlaeus high-rise were saved from demolition. They will be turned into a new, green bicycle storage to accommodate more than 3.000 bikes. The storage will be ready for use with the opening of phase 2A of the Gorlaeus Building. The bike storage will be located on the ground floor. On the first floor, a pleasant rooftop garden will be created. Part of the old steel construction will be turned into a plant-clad pergola. The parking facility will be taken into use at the opening of phase two of the new Gorlaeus Building.

More information regarding the sustainable demolition of the Faculty of Science building can be found on the relevant project page.

This is how the campus is going to look like

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